What Syllabuses do we offer tuition for?

We offer one to one or small group ( if you come with your friends/classmates ) IB tuition and also tuition for

American, Australian and Canadian syllabuses.

What subjects do we offer?

Theory of Knowledge, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business, Humanity, History, Geography, Psychology, English, Spanish & French

    How is IB Tuition Schedule and Venue?

There are 2 types of tuition's schedule:

     1- Regular Schedule

       We make a weekly schedule for you, according to your availability and timetable.

    2- Irregular Schedule

       You call one or two days in advance to book a tuition session. Sometimes we have tutors available and are able to arrange your tuition for the same day you call.

You can come to our centre for up-to-student schedule tuition .


If you prefer home tuition, please click here.