One to One A Level Tuition or Small group of you and your friends 


We believe students should decide about their tuition timetable, due to their busy schedule. To provide this flexibility, we offer one to one A Level tuition at centre according to student's availability.

However, a group of classmates, friends or sibling can schedule a tuition together, monthly or for a short period of time.

Syllabus & Subjects we offer:

We offer CIE Cambridge, Edexcel, AQA & OCR for:

AS & A2 Level / A Level ( All Subjects )

Tuition Fee & Charges:

Registration Fee: RM100

Deposit: Only one session tuition fee / Refundable with one week notice

Tuition Options :

1-Regular weekly schedule:

Your tuition fee will be calculated and charged monthly in advance. In regular weekly schedule, student should have one class per week per subject. 

Example: Every Wednesday 3:30-5:30 Physics
However the class can be reschedule if student is not available. 

2- Irregular schedule ( By Package ):

In irregular package, student can purchase any package for one or more subjects but should finish the sessions during the valid time of that package. 


How is the Timetable? 

We will arrange the schedule according to student's timetable.

How to start? 

Please call or walk in to nearest Education House for registration and arrangement. 

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