***Education House, inventor and founder of CUSTOMIZED A Level HomeSchool system in Malaysia in 2012***

 What is A Level Homeschool Programme?

One to one A Level Homeschool programme is for students who:

- Don't want to attend to college for any reason

- Want to retake the exam

            - Cannot find their favorite subjects offered by any college 

We will teach them the whole syllabus and prepare them for exam. The certificate comes from CIE Cambridge or Edexcel and is exactly same as students' going to college.

a level homeschooling

A level homeschool

What syllabus  do we offer for A Level ?

We offer CIE Cambridge and Edexcel syllabus for A Level Homeschool students. 

Which syllabus is suitable for A Level ?

For science subjects, students should choose Edexcel as there is no practical paper for this syllabus. For the other subjects, students can decide themselves, while they can mix the syllabus as well. 

Both syllabuses are recognized worldwide. 


 List of  CIE Cambridge A Level Subjects offered by Education House: 

List of  Edexcel International A Level Subjects offered by Education House: 

 How many subjects is required for A Level Certificate?

Most universities require 3 A Level subjects while some require for the 4th subject which is AS English. Please check

with the university you have considered fist.

 When and Where should Students take the exam?

CIE Cambridge:

The exam takes place in May and October every year.

   You can register for exam in British Council.


The exam takes place in May and January every year.

You can register for exam in British Council.

When is the intake?

To provide ultimate flexibility for our students, we will start the course whenever you arrive. Our

education advisers will advise you about when you can be prepared for AS and A2 exam. Usually the

whole A level which is including two examination of AS and A2 take a year or less.

Our Policy for A Level Exam Preparation :

A Level takes more than a year at any college. We can cover the whole syllabus in less than a year for our

homeschooling students. However we can customized the course according to students' requirement.

If a student starts her/his classes 5 to 6 months before exam, it is an ideal time for AS or A2  preparation.

A Level Exam Preparation Programme and Tuition fee: 

Registration fee: RM200

 Deposit: RM300/ one day notice
Tuition fee: We charge monthly in advance based on number of sessions you take per month
One sessions = 2 Hours = RM200

Our advisers will make a schedule for you based on your exam time, your educational background and your budget. 

 What about if my friends join my class?

In that case, we will conduct a small group class for you and the tuition fee is as follow: 

2 students in class> each one will receive 30% off

3 students in class> each one will receive 35% off

4 students in class> each one will receive 40% off

More than 4 students in class > each one will receive 50% off

How is the Timetable?

The schedule is very flexible for students as it is one to one Programme, however we can have a group

class for friends or classmates if they have same subjects and availability.

Students can stop the classes due to vacation time or any circumstances and resume it again.

 Which Subjects should A Level students take?

Depends on your major in university, our advisers advise you about the subjects you should take.

Sample of Schedule and Tuition Fee:

The schedule sample of one of our homeschooling students with 3 subjects who starts his classes

5.5 months before AS Exam:

Monday :  9:00-11:00 Mathematics , 11:15-1:15 Physics

Wednesday:  9:00-11:00 Chemistry  , 11:15-1:15 Mathematics

Thursday:  9:00-11:00 Physics  , 11:15-1:15 Chemistry

Monthly Tuition Fee: RM4800*

*For student with good background in education, we can finish AS or A2 syllabus with once a week per subject with having 4 to 6 months time before exam.


If you are going to college and just need some tuition click here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiries regarding A-LEVEL Homeschool Program

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