Why Study in USA?

More international students study in USA than any other country, and for good reason. While many of the world's top institutions reside in the US, there are also more than 4,000 other world-class universities offering a top-notch education that can lead to career success.

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How can we help you to study in USA?

We are professional in student admission, while we are representative of some universities in USA.

We can assist you to find  the proper university for you to apply and achieve admission for Bachelor degree, Master and PhD.

Also we can assist you in providing documents and visa process.  Call 030-4270 4700 for more information. 

How can you start the process?

You just need to email us at : or call 03-42704700. Then we will send you the application form to fill up and return to us.

After evaluating your information, we will find you the proper university and will contact you to provide the required documents.

Study in USA
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