What is HTML?

It is like building blocks for making a website.

Before you decide to learn HTML you need to know what you can do with it. HTML stands for “Hyper Text Markup Lanugage” and it is the language of the World Wide Web. So, in short, you use HTML to build web pages. But there is more to it than that.

HTML Helps Format Your Page Contents

With HTML, you can add:

paragraphs of text

lists (both numbered and buletted)




You can also add links in your documents to lead readers to other web pages. And add images to make your pages more visually interesting. Plus, HTML provides form elements you can use to add interactivity to your website.

 How is our HTML Package during school holiday?

Our 20-Hour HTML course tries to teach student the basics in creating a website. The course has been designed

to go further to intermediate level of designing a website, for those students who are interested with good understanding of subject.


It is very flexible and should be advised by student according to his/her availability during school holiday.

Package fee:

RM 1500

What about if your friend or classmate wants to join you? 

2 students in a class > each one will receive 20% discount
3 students or more in a class > each one will receive 30% discount

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