Primary & Lower Secondary

Homeschooling Programme ( One to One): 

Cambridge Year 1 to Year 9  homeschooling is a programme that leverages students a good education in an English medium with dedicated teachers that care about each student learning and progress.

Timetable and Tuition Fee:

3 optional days per week,

9:00 am to 1:00 pm 


3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

( 2 hours class, 2 hours practice and studying + 15 minutes break in between) 

Mathematics, Science, English and ICT ( The choice of subjects can be according to student requirements as well) 

Primary ( Year 1-6) Tuition Fee: RM1800/Monthly 

Lower Secondary ( Year 7-9) Tuition Fee: RM2000/ Monthly

Other charges: 

Registration fee: RM200
Deposit: RM300/ One month notice
Material fee: To be calculated 

What about if your friends want to join you?

In that case, we will conduct a small group class for you and your friends and the tuition fee will be calculated according to this formula:

2 students in class-----> each one will receive 20% off 

3 students in class-----> each one will receive 30% off

4 students in class-----> each one will receive 40% off

More than 4 students in class-----> each one will receive 50% off

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