What do we offer ?

We offer one to one OR small group ( for a small group of classmates who apply together) tuition at centre OR Home tuition.

    It can be conducted one to one or you come with your classmates, friends or sibling to have a small group tuition according to your availablity, at centre.   

  How is the charges and tuition fee?

   Registration fee: RM100/only one time @ Education House

   Deposit: One session Tuition fee/Refundable with one day notice

   The tuition fee in this table is for  1 session which is 2 hours:

 Method of Payment 

1-Regular weekly schedule:

Your tuition fee will be calculated and charged monthly in advance, based on the number of hours you are going to take tuition per month. 

If you decide to stop the tuition, we will refund the balance of your payment with one day notice in advance.

2- Irregualar schedule:

You can pay your tuition fee session by session in advance to book the tuition or sign up for some number of sessions and schedule the tuition whenever you need it.

What Syllabus do we offer?

We offer tuition for all following international syllabus, from primary 1 to IGCSE, A Level, IBDP and Foundation.

  • CIE Cambridge
  • Edexcel
  •  AQA           
  • OCR
  • IB
  • American Syllabus
  • Australian Syllabus
  • Canadian Syllabus
  • Foundation
  • Matriculation     


How is the Timetable?

 Timetable can be arranged according to student's availability. There are 2 types of tuition's schedule:

 1- Regular Schedule

 We make a weekly schedule for you, according to your availability . The schedule is vary flexible and can be adjusted for each month. Tuition fee will be calculated and charged monthly in advance.

  2- Irregular Schedule

   You call one or two days in advance to book the tuition session. Sometimes we have tutors available and are able to arrange your tuition for the same day you call.  The tuition fee is RM10 more than normal tuition, per hour. 

Terms and Conditions:

1- Cancellation should be informed to the centre 1 DAY IN ADVANCE
2- Replacement will be arranged based on tutor’s availability
3- You can change your schedule time by time if you have to, but should be arranged with the centre
4- You can stop your tuition for a period of time if you are not available and continue after coming back

           We also offer Home Tuition , Group Tuition at Centre and Online Tuition.



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