igcse home school

This programme is for students who are not going to school or want to stop the school and be prepared for IGCSE or O Level exam. We teach them the whole syllabus, practice and work on past papers and supervise them to achieve IGCSE or O Level certificate. All certificates are awarded by CIE Cambridge or Edexel with no difference from students going to International Schools.

Education House Exam Policy:

 IGCSE / O Level students should pass 5 subjects. It takes 2 years in school ( year 10 & 11) while takes about 1 year or less at Education House.

We recommend our students for two separate sittings, as having all subjects in one sitting causes too much pressure for them and  the result might be disappointing. 

If a student starts her/his classes 4 to 6 months before exam, it is an ideal time for us to prepare her/him for exam for 2 or 3 subjects. Although still they can take all subjects in one sitting. Please call us for more clarification.


We offer 2 Programmes for IGCSE Homeschooling Students:

 Programme 1 :  In-Package IGCSE HomeSchooling Programme

 Programme 2: Tuition Based IGCSE HomeSchooling Porgramme


 Programme 1: In-package IGCSE Preparation 


2-day one to one Programme ( Proper for having 2 or 3 subjects for exam )

 2 days weekly > each day 2 sessions > 4 sessions per week (8 hours weekly) >  



3-day one to one Programme ( Proper for having 3 to 5 subjects for exam)

3 days weekly > each day 2 sessions > 6 sessions per week (12 hours weekly)>



*If you need more classes per week, we can customize the course for you.                                              

Full Time Programme ( Monday to Friday ) 

Students can attend or stay in school from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 7 pm, to study, practice and doing their homework. There is extra RM500 monthly charge for this service in admission to above tuition fee.


 How is the Timetable?

One to one IGCSE Home School Program offers a flexible timetable. You can decide about which days to come to class, while your classes can be conducted in morning or afternoon sessions.

Morning sessions:  9:00 am -11:00 am    &  11:15 am - 1:15 pm


Afternoon sessions: 1:15 pm-3:15 pm  & 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm


There is no class in Public and State holidays with no replacement.


Other charges :

Registration fee : RM200

Deposit : RM300

Textbooks and Materials: Should be calculated 


 What about if you share the programme with friends or siblings?

2 Students > Each student will receive 30% discount

3 Students > Each student will receive 35% discount

4 Students > Each student will receive 40% discount

5 Students > Each student will receive 50% discount


Programme 2: Tuition Based IGCSE Preparation

In this programme, you can decide about the number of weekly hours per subject. Our advisers will advise you too about proper schedule to cover the syllabus before IGCSE exam with sufficient time for revision and past papers.


 Tuition fee and charges:

Registraion fee: RM100

Deposit: RM300

Tuition fee : Will be charged monthly in advance based on number of sessions you take monthly.

1 session IGCSE= 2 hours =RM150


What about if my friend joins the class?

Please follow the tuition fee from the table here.






Why Private IGCSE Exam Preparation?

     This programme is very suitable for :

  • Students who don't attend to school for any reason
  • Students who prefer to take classes according to their own schedule due to their limited availability
  • Students who prefer to achieve IGCSE certificate less than its duration in school which is 2 years (year 10&11)
  • Students who are temporarily in Malaysia while parents are not sure to register them in International schools 
  • School leavers, SPM leavers, re-sitting students
  • Smart students who have ability to finish the syllabus ahead of ordinary students
  • Struggling students, slow learners or students with disabilities which need special care and attention. Our patient and dedicated teachers know how to assist these kind of students


Why does Education House offer One to One IGCSE Homeshooling Programme?

- to provide a very flexible and up-to-student timetable

- To offer any subjects that students are interested in 

- To adjust method and speed of teaching according to student's understanding

- To allow students to achieve IGCSE or O Level certificate whenever they prefer

 Which syllabus is proper for IGCSE/O Level Home School students?

                                                              CIE Cambridge and Edexcel

Home School students in Malaysia can take CIE Cambridge and Edecxe IGCSE exam as private candidates in British Council or some International Schools.

What Subjects are being offered for IGCSE Homeschooling students?

-Mathematics , Additional Mathematics, Pure Mathematics

-Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science, Double award Science

-Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Sociology, History, Geography, Environmental Management

-English as a first Language, English as a second Language, English Literature, Bahasa Melayu (BM), Mandarin, French, Spanish, Arabic, Bengali

-Art and Design, Music, Drama

Some subjects have two varieties of Core/ Extended and A/B that are available.


How many subjects are required for IGCSE Certificate?

IGCSE / O Level students should pass minimum 5 subjects, and we don’t recommend more than that. Mathematics and English ( as a first or second Language ) are compulsory subjects while the other 3 subjects depends on their interest. Although students can take as many subjects as they prefer.

 When and Where should Home School Students take the exam?

There are 2 different IGCSE Syllabuses available in Malaysia:

CIE Cambridge:

The exam takes place in May and October each year.

You can register for exam in British Council or some international school which accept private candidates.


The exam takes place in May and January each year.

You can register for exam in British Council.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiry regarding our IGCSE Home School Program.