General English

Who is General English course for?

The General English course is suitable for anyone whose first language is not English and needs to improve it for any purpose such as daily conversation, using at work, studying in university and so on.

Kids and adults can participate in this General English course. 

General English Course

Levels: Beginner, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advance

Schedule & Duration: 

2 sessions /4 hours per week, 8 weeks per level ( standard  ) OR

4 sessions / 8 hours per week, 4 weeks per level ( Intensive )

 Intake: Any time


The Charges

Placement Test: RM20

Registration Fee: RM100/ one time ( Not applicable for Education House's students )

Tuition Fee per level ( Beginner to Intermediate): RM1800 / per level for one to one course 

Tuition Fee per level ( Upper Intermediate & Advance): RM2400 / per level for one to one course 

Material Fee: RM100 to RM150 per level

Group Class

We can start a group class while a group of students with same level apply at the time with having the same timetable.

Tuition Fee: 

2 students  at class ........each one will receive 20% tuition fee off 

3 students at  class ........ each one will receive 30% tuition fee off

4 students  at  class ........ each one will receive 40% tuition fee off

5 students  or more at  class ........ each one will receive 50% tuition fee off


Are you interested in improving your English?

Our General English course is the best option for students who

1- want to improve as fast as possible

2- want to follow their own schedule

3- want to focus on some specific skills

4- prefer to have the course individually or with their own friends


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