General English

The General English course is suitable for anyone whose first language is not English and needs to improve it for any purpose such as daily conversation, using at work, studying at school or university and so on.

Group Online English Course 

Age Group : Any

Level: Lower Intermediate, Intermediate & Upper Intermediate 

Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm 

Start: Firs Tuesday or Thursday of every month 

Tuition fee: RM500 / Monthly 

Registration fee and placement test: RM50


Private One to One General English 

Option 1:

4 weeks course , 20 Sessions /40 Hours ( every day )

Tuition Fee: RM2000

Option 2:

12 sessions per month / 24 Hours ( 2 sessions per week)

Tuition fee:  RM1320

Option 3:

Any number of sessions per month

Tuition fee:  RM120 per session/2 Hours 



Age Group : Any

Schedule: Up to student

Start: Any time

Registration fee and placement test: RM50


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