Our AP Preparation Course

We offer one to one tuition for AP exam preparation. It is up to student to take tuition for what subject in AP and how many hours tuition for each part of exam. If student has no idea, the tutors can recommend.

Course Charges:

Registration fee : RM 100.00 / one time at the centre AP tuition fee is RM 300.00 for one session which is 2 hours one to one tuition at the centre. Schedule: The schedule will be arranged based on student and tutor availability.

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There are 34 AP courses, and each one can help you get working toward a wide variety of college majors and careers. AP courses also help you transform what you love right now into a valuable and satisfying future. For example, did you know that if you love studying languages, taking one in AP could help you in everything from a college major or career in Anthropology to Ethnic Studies to Fashion Design? Surprised? Use the tool above to see where an AP course subject that interests today could take you tomorrow.

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