*After School Programme is available only @ Subang Jaya Branch*

After School programme refers to activities in which children engage while are outside of school hours. The programme is critical to their development, highlighting the need for quality after school programmes.


After School Programme

High quality after school programmes generate positive outcomes for children including improved academic

performance, classroom behavior, and health and nutrition, while their parents are at work.

Why After School Programme?

One of children's major concern in this technology era is the way they spend their after-school time. With unlimited access to digital gadgets and internet, they usually spend it with these devices without having any plan and specific goal. It supposed to be fun, however sometimes its crucial damage cannot be treated. 

Education House After School Programme is a proper solution to assist parents avoiding this problem.

After School Programme areas:

Education House After School is a structured programme with time for children to do their homework, engage in some activities to have fun, learn and enjoy their time with new friends.

Some of our programme are as follow:

  • Doing homework
  • Studying time
  • Reading time
  • Developing Writing skill
  • Brain games
  • Drawing & Painting
  • Watching cartoon and movie
  • Hand craft 
  • Healthy snack and juice

Students Age Group :

Primary and Lower secondary students aged 6 to 15 years old are welcomed to this programme.

After School Programme Timetable:

Students can attend the programme Monday to Friday, from 1:00 pm onward, to 7:00 pm.

After School Programme fees:

Registration fee: RM200

Deposit: RM300 / One day notice

Monthly fee for 5-day Programme: RM800

Monthly fee for 3-day Programme: RM500

Are you looking for some tuition during after school timing?

Tuition fee will be charged monthly in advance depends on how many sessions tuition you take per month.

For After school students, there is a 10% off on monthly tuition fee.

Please click here to find out about the tuition fee.

Call  03- 56 111 789 ( Subang Jaya ) for any inquiries. 

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