What is A Level?

International A Levels ( Advanced Levels) are qualifications normally studied by most students over two years in year 12 and 13 of secondary school.  A Levels are also studied in sixth form colleges or further education colleges.  A Level consists of 2 years: AS Level and A Level (or A2) are recognized as Pre-University level.

What syllabuses do we offer for A Level Tuition?

CIE Cambridge, Edexcel, AQA & OCE ; AS AND A2

What subjects do we offer for A Level tuition

All subjects

How is A Level tuition timetable?

As this is one to one or small group tuition when you apply along with your friends, the timetable is up to you.

    There are 2 types of tuition's schedule:

     1- Regular Schedule

       We make a weekly schedule for you, according to your availability and the number of hours of your tuition weekly. The tuition fee will be charged monthly in advance.

    2- Irregular Schedule

       You call one or two days in advance to book a tuition session. Sometimes we have tutors available and are able to arrange your tuition for the same day you call. The tuition fee should be transferred to book the tuition. 

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